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I was today years old when I realized that Johnny 2x4 was called that because he always rolled with the Plank. And what is a "two by four" in the US? A popular size of a plank.


Na pewno Twitter jest takim portalem gdzie możemy mieć zniuansowaną debatę na temat systemu sądowego z ławami przysięgłych, prawda?

Thanks to the internet, I can no longer think innocently about "bringing my dog for grooming"

I too love that newfangled children's game, "A Mongoose"

If someone tells you not to take things personally, then they should be taken personally.

If someone tells you not to worry, then you should worry.

IT equivalent of Breaking Bad is probably starting a ransomware gang


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Ends in 72 hours. Only one winner, who will win a full custom icon with pride theme like my current icon!

-RT to participate
-Must have a digital ref (do NOT post)
-Comment your flag/s bellow

Good Luck!

Turns out that multimillion dollar corps abide by the Jesus' teachings, particularly the "let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth" bit

Why are paper straws so completely useless‽


Moim ulubionym faktem do poruszania w sklepach z AGD jest to, że Amica ma krew na rękach i uciszyła dziennikarkę która ośmieliła się o tym pisać


Neutratywy są bazowane bo nie tylko służą osobom niebinarnym ale też wywołują ból dupy prawików

You ever have one of those days where you're like "I need a union"


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@dobrogowski_ Opieka psychiatryczna prawem, nie towarem.


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Wasze 5 pierwszych emoji opisuje wasz czerwiec.

Co macie ?
// 🥺🤧🥲🤡💛

I'm impressed with Windows handwriting recognition being able to decipher my scribbles

The beauty of remote work is that for the management the concept of your working hours stops existing and they expect you to attend meetings at the times where normally you'd be long out of office

You know shit's bad when you start stimming after someone texts you on Teams

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